Saturday, 10 August 2013


Sql Dml And DDL Statement

Sql Can Be Divided Into Two Parts :-
  1. The Data Manipulation Language (DML) .
  2. The Data Definition Language (DDL) .
The Data Manipulation Language (DML) : Is Used to Manipulate The Data In The Database  Objects. Some of The DML Commands Are :-
  • Insert : Used To Insert A New Data Record In A Table.
  • Update : Used To Modify An Existing Record In A Table.
  • Delete : Used To Delete An Existing Records In A Table.
The Data Definition Language (DDL) : Is Used to Define The Databases Data Types, Structures And Constraints on the data. Some Of The DDL commands Are :-
  • Create : Used To Create A new Database objects, Such as a table.
  • Alter : Used To Modify the database objects.
  • Drop : Used To Delete The Objects.