Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Update Oracle from to

First you need to download the software. Do this via Oracle support (formerly metalink).
search for patch ID 10404530

or go directly to

You need a valid support license to download it.

 A rather long installation guide is located at

If you don't want to read it all, start the installer (remember to do almost all the things you did before installing - do the appropriate preinstalliation steps) Guide: 
Once you have an Xming window running with the installation, choose to UPGRADE the database.
Install the new version to a NEW home.
When you are done, remember to run the root script as usual after installing oracle, and let the installer guide you though the process of upgrading your DB.
It will also update Enterprise Manager for you.

Post installation steps:
rename $ORACLE_HOME to the NEW destination.
The important files are:
If you for some reason after a reboot can't start the EM or DB, look for an entry with the wrong $ORACLE_HOME destination.
If you want the DB to start "automagically" when booting (using the dbstart command) remember to change
change the :N to :Y

When you have successfully installed oracle end EM, its time for the critical patch, updated jan 2012.
Download OPach utility first.

search for 6880880 or try to go directly to: 6880880 .

download and follow readme (put it in the $ORACLE_HOME dir).

Download the patch:
again, on oracle support, search for 13466801.
The file is called something like: p13466801_112030_<OS>-<Architecture>.zip
run the opatch util from the unzipped dir of the patch.
Follow the instractions.
Done! :-)